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Support and Service - Product Maintainance

How do I find and order the right spare part?

What is a Recommended Spare Part Kit?

What is Glunz & Jensen Graphic Prepress Service?

What are the benefits of Preventive Maintenance?

Are there instructional maintenance videos available?


How do I find and order the right spare part?

Our logistics partnerships guarantee fast, transparent delivery to your facility, no matter where in the world you are located. Our fast delivery service – combined with phone and e-mail technical support – will keep your production downtime to an absolute minimum. We have spare parts stocks for all divisions of Glunz & Jensen equipment – for both offset and flexo equipment – in Denmark, China and the US.

Need help with spare part supply? Get in touch, and we'll let you know about availability and immediate shipment to wherever you are.

  • On the relevant product pages on this website, you will find service manuals for each product, if you are logged on to the website with your partner log-in. These manuals list the product numbers for each spare part and explain where they should be installed
  • Spare parts for Glunz & Jensen offset equipment, including iCtP consumables and spare parts, can be ordered at spares@glunz-jensen.com

Glunz & Jensen Degraf equipment

  • Spare parts for Glunz & Jensen Degraf equipment can be ordered at info@degraf.com
  • As an additional service, identifying spare parts for Glunz & Jensen Degraf equipment can be done in the interactive Visual Search Browser.

Glunz & Jensen Microflex equipment

  • Spare parts for Glunz & Jensen Microflex equipment can be ordered at ma.microflex@glunz-jensen.com
  • We stock the most critical spare parts for DuPontCyrel ® Microflex mounting machines for customers worldwide, as well as a wide variety of flexographic machine spare parts for our Scandinavian customers


What is a Recommended Spare Part Kit?

Recommended Spare Parts Kits give your customers peace-of-mind, maximize vital uptime and minimize down time if an unexpected breakdown should occur.

With the Gluns & Jensen Recommended Spare Parts Kit program, you are always sure to have critical parts available right next to the equipment and you will not be depending on parts to be ordered, packed, and shipped to relevant location.

Based on our experience and through dialogue with a number of key customers, Glunz & Jensen has therefore defined two levels of Recommended Spare Parts Kits containing commonly used critical parts for our CtP plate processor platforms:

  • The “Basic” kit provides all the critical parts which are most likely to break down, such as valves, sensors, pumps, and heaters
  • The “Advanced” kit provides parts which are equally as critical, but which are less likely to break down, such as motors and PCBs

By buying the needed part as a kit, you also get the benefit of a 15% price savings versus buying the parts individually. This makes Recommended Spare Parts Kits a more affordable option for you and your customers. If both the “Basic” and “Advanced” Kits are ordered at the same time, the savings increase.

Read more about Recommended Spare Part Kits here.


What is Glunz & Jensen Graphic Prepress Service?

Glunz & Jensen Graphic Prepress Service is a division of Glunz & Jensen’s Flexographic Service Center, which provides expert service, reparation and preventive maintenance for customers around the globe. No other service provider knows our products better than we do, so you can always expect the best results from us.

For more than 30 years, our experienced technicians have offered service worldwide on flexo equipment. We also offer remote troubleshooting via e-mail or phone. Whenever you need help maintaining your equipment, we are ready to assist you.

Learn more about Glunz & Jensen’s Graphic Prepress Service here.


What are the benefits of Preventive Maintenance?

Service and preventive maintenance are crucial to maintain the quality and maximize the uptime of every piece of prepress equipment. We want to help make this as easy and affordable as possible for you and for your customers; that is why Glunz & Jensen has developed the Preventive Maintenance Program. Each kit in the program:

  • Targets a specific equipment model
  • Prepares for pre-determined intervals (i.e. annually), making planning and carrying out maintenance easier
  • Ensures continuously high quality
  • Maximizes production uptime
  • Includes only Original Glunz & Jensen Spare Parts

Learn more about the Preventive Maintenance Program for offset processors here.

Learn more about Periodic Maintenance Kits for iCtP systems here.


Are there instructional maintenance videos available?

We have a number of videos to demonstrate specific maintenance routines and kit installations on our equipment. This is a newer focus area in our organization, so the number of available videos is currently limited, but we will be adding to it regularly. See a list of the available instructional videos here.

In addition to instructional videos, we have a range of demonstrational product videos and a number of video testimonials.

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